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Solstice Cookies 2009

Sweet, delicious cookies: cooked by me. Om nom nom.

Additional pictures and explanation after the cut. If you need an explanation for cookies, that is.

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Dragons of the Lensic

Back before it was the posh and pretentious new Santa Fe Performing Arts Center, the Lensic was a classic Boller Brothers theatre in a pseudo-moorish / Spanish renaissance style. The architectural ornament includes some lovely dragons, which I was fortunate enough to see in person while visiting this November.

A few more pictures follow after the cut.

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Netbook Décor

If this site has a topic at all, then it's technology and dragons. (It's right there in the tagline, after all.) Usually I have to make do with one or the other. This is the rare post where I can get both involved. Pictured right is my Acer Aspire One netbook. You might note ("Just look at it!", etc.) that it has gone from being plain and corporate and boring to being attractively decorated. The process involved a Sharpie permanent marker, and the considerable skill of an artist (not me) who made me swear to conceal his identity, on account of -- and I quote -- "not being able to draw dragons."

Much happiness. Your netbook is not as nice as mine. (If you believe otherwise, I want to see pictures.)

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CAT Scan

More fun and games with medical imaging. I got a lumbar discogram followed by a CAT scan. I was able to get a CD of imaging data from the latter. Gallery of images and some animated 3D visualizations after the cut.

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Yes, I'd Drink That

Side_Dragon_Latte_by_MonkDrewLook at this dragon latte.

Just look at it.

From The Vulcan & The Unicorn, via Art in My Coffee by way of Metafilter.

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Nuke-u-lar Magnetic Resonance Imaging

You may recall with some indifference my immediately previous post, wherein I mentioned how impressed I was with some paltry digital X-ray images. That, dear reader, was the impression of a younger and more easily awed version of yr. humble narrator.

For I have now been imaged, in the nuclear magnetic resonance manner, known to the vulgar as an MRI.

Beyond the jump are images: 156 of them, with inline thumbnails (so please use discretion and have patience if your link is slow). Despite my earlier unseemly levity about the JT sign, all said images are impeccably safe for work.

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Throckmorton Indeterminate

Technology is freakin' amazing.

Thanks to some lower back pain, I got a hands-on experience with digital radiography today. For five bucks -- that's five US dollars -- they gave me a CD with the Dicom image files to take home.

Am I going to share those images? Converted to JPEG format on this very website? You bet I am, after the jump.

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