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Oxides of Nitrogen

Kids these days and their hot-rod automobiles. What's that? A dragon. Oh, well played sir. Well played.

From Wackii via Jalopnik.

Via Originally spotted on the incomparable That Will Buff Out.

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One Explanation for the Medieval Climatic Anomaly

I present for your consideration what may well be the most inefficient possible method for getting rid of snow. However, it makes up in style what it lacks in practicality.

2.5MB AVI Video (locally hosted)

Via YouTube by way of Gizmodo.

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Why No Amazon Links?

Over on the philosophy page, I said I wouldn't do political stuff here. And this is political -- after a fashion -- for which I apologize. I don't intend to make it a habit. But on sober reflection, I've been doing something wrong, and it's my responsibility to correct it, and to explain the reason for the change.

In brief, I'm removing all links to from posts I've written here. Please read on after the jump if you'd care to know why.

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Protected: AggieCon 41 Art Show

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Duncan and Mallory

As you know, Bob, Duncan & Mallory is a collaborative comic created by Mel White and Robert Lynn Asprin. Set in a not-quite-Earth fantasy setting of ambiguous place and time, it concerns the adventures of one Duncan (disgraced human warrior) and J. P. Mallory (small silver dragon temporarily between jobs). Released in 1986 by Starblaze, it never achieved the notoriety widespread recognition it (IMHO) deserves.

What you may not know (comma Bob comma) is that it is now being re-released, on the web, a bit at a time, for free. More details after the jump.

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Minor Site Outage 20100203

Tonight, 03 Wed 2010 from about 2000hrs to 2045hrs CST, we seem to have had an outage. Thanks to the staff at hostmonster for speedy detection and correction, and apologies to our two readers and forty-eight million spammers.

Additional information (if any) will be added to this post as it becomes available.

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