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Dragonlords of Werner, Werner & Fulk

dragonlord-liartownDragonlords of Werner, Werner & Fulk. Winner of the 2003 Business Fantasy Award. An intense, gripping tale of swordplay, magic, romance and intermarket sector spread. You won't be able to put this one down, unless it's for the latest issue of CEOWORLD Magazine.

(From Sean Tejaratchi's LiarTownUSA. Click image to right to enlarge.)

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Pogoplug SAN using AoE

pogoplugThe Pogoplug E02 is a Linux-capable embedded computer with gigabit Ethernet and USB connectivity. It can be found quite cheap (US$35 or so) on the secondary market. As it was originally sold as a storage appliance for home users, it ships with somewhat inflexible factory firmware. However, it is reasonably easy to replace the bootloader with one which can boot an arbitrary Linux distribution.

Once I got my Pogoplug running Debian, it was surprisingly easy to set it up as network storage using ATA-over-Ethernet. Details after the jump.

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