Founded on 12 September 2009 CE, Small Golden Sceptre is the creation of one Douglas G. Henke. This site has no charter, no mission and no purpose save perhaps being a loosely-organized collection of things the contributors find momentarily interesting.

The expectation is that these things will be, in no particular order: Dragons, gadgets and compugeekery, renaissance fairs, the life of the citizen-engineer, games (of the tabletop, pen-and-paper RPG and/or video varieties), FOSS, and matters literary, both in general and specifically within the genre-ghetto of fantasy literature. Only time will tell if this expectation is realistic.

We welcome your comments and criticism regarding any aspect of what you find here. You have the right -- and indeed the responsibility -- to demand high standards of literacy, legibility and accuracy, on the web as in any other written medium. If you find errors in fact, form or presentation -- or if you merely wish to offer another point of view -- please reply by comment, or send email to the site admin.

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