The naming of hosts is a difficult matter; it isn't just one of your holiday games...

Why "Mythopoeic"?

Because it's hard to say, hard to spell, has a subtle Tolkien association and is a word the meaning of which is known only to the literate.

Okay, then what is "Mythopoeic"?

An adjective; specifically, the one relating to the noun "mythopoeia".

What does it mean?

"Of or relating to the act of creating mythologies."

The Wiki of a Million Lies has a reasonably enlightening article on the whole thing. A brief passage therefrom:

As distinguished from fantasy worlds or fictional universes aimed at the evocation of detailed worlds with well-ordered histories, geographies, and laws of nature, mythopoeia aims at imitating and including real-world mythology, specifically created to bring mythology to modern readers, and/or to add credibility and literary depth to fictional worlds[...]

Why this for a domain name?

The author doesn't pretend to accomplish mythopoeia, nor does he expect to do so in the foreseeable future. He does, however, have a strong interest in the mythopoeic efforts of others. He aspires, however hopelessly, to accomplish myth-making of his own, however flawed it may be.

On a much more practical note, the domain space is crowded and most of the obvious names are taken. Using proper names or obvious contrivances (more obvious than "mythopoeic", anyway) didn't appeal.

Did you misspell "mythopoetic"?

No. However, if you ask that question, you did. (Either that, or you're mistaking this site for one having to do with a bunch of pseudo-Jungians hanging around in drum circles.)

Do you have anything to do with the Mythopoeic Society?

Alas, no.  They're a fascinating bunch and do a great service to the realm of arts and letters. I'm not a member nor a representative; this is not the Society website. If you are looking for them (or even if you aren't, but are curious and read books rather than merely eating the covers), please visit their website.

Why call it "Small Golden Sceptre"?

It's a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's 1931 poem Mythopoeia, written in response to the assertion of C.S. Lewis that myths were lies "breathed through silver".

The couplet from the poem "I bow not yet before the Iron Crown, / Nor cast my own small golden sceptre down" is the source of the title. The "Iron Crown" in question can be interpreted as misplaced worship of technology and science. The phrase seems a fitting title for what is, in its essence, a fantasy-and-technology blog -- a title chosen with an eye toward both humility and irony.