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Night Fury

toothlessArtist Mittie Paul created a wonderful interpretation of Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon 2), inspired by traditional Viking art. You can get prints or merch featuring this image (at which, just look!).

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Medieval Manuscripts

MS20BXX-78vWe're kickin' it old-school on SGS today, with a lovely post on the British Library's Medieval Manuscripts Blog. The image to the right is from Royal MS 20 B XX. Click the image to see a larger version, or -- far better -- use the British Library MS Viewer to browse wonderful, high-res zoomable scans of the original.

Warning: All links above are more perilous Internet time-wasting rabbit-holes than Wikipedia and TVTropes combined.

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Silverware Dragon

dragon-silverwareCheck out this dragon made of silverware, from Ohio artist Gary Hovey. (Long-time readers -- both of them! -- will noddingly remember the previous appearance of utensil-based dragon sculpture in these pages.)



d3aa59c54ad861119104cdd14f27f6a3Moscow-based artist Cuarto has created Darkhorn: a brilliant posable dragon figure with ball joints. See his blog post talking about it (in the original Russian) or the same page machine-translated to English. (The image to the right and all images after the break are from that site.)

As you can imagine, they're not cheap and there's (at the time of this writing) a long waiting list. Nonetheless, there is an English-language order page where you can join the queue.

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Cake Time

amazing-wonderful-cakes-22Another lovely dragon cake, this time via theCHIVE. Original source unknown; please comment if you know who made this or took the picture.

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Ice Dragon

ice-art-dragonThis ice dragon is from a work entitled "Hunting Dragons", by Steve Brice, Heather Brice, Steve Cox and Justin Cox. (I presume and hope that the title refers to the dragons in question hunting their prey.)

The sculpture won first place in the Realistic / Artists' Choice category in the 2013 World Ice Art Championship in Fairbanks, Alaska.  The photo is via The Chive, and is unfortunately uncredited. (If you have information about the photographer, please let me know and I'll add appropriate attribution.)

Another image available after the break.

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sculpted-tree-dragonExcellent dragon carved from (or at least sitting on) a tree stump. Via Reddit. I have no information about the location or artist; please email or comment if you do. (As usual, click the image for a larger version.)

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Spring Dragon

DSC02744New Zealand artist Zarathus recently completed a commission for me: the wonderful one-of-a-kind dragon mask pictured at right.

Additional pictures and information after the jump. As always, click the image thumbnails to see a larger version.

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Dragonlords of Werner, Werner & Fulk

dragonlord-liartownDragonlords of Werner, Werner & Fulk. Winner of the 2003 Business Fantasy Award. An intense, gripping tale of swordplay, magic, romance and intermarket sector spread. You won't be able to put this one down, unless it's for the latest issue of CEOWORLD Magazine.

(From Sean Tejaratchi's LiarTownUSA. Click image to right to enlarge.)

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CD Dragon

A fine dragon sculpture, made by an anonymous Imgur user. Medium: CD shards, hot glue and wire mesh. More images after the jump. Via Obvious Winner.
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