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Dragon RC Aircraft

My command of Italian is pretty limited, but I'm pretty sure I've just been reading about a radio-controlled model aircraft named Mythical Beast which just won "Best of Show" at an exhibition in Toledo, Ohio. More details and video of a flight are available from the Hobby Media site. (Via BB.)

Update: Another video (somewhat better) is available on YouTube. English-language audio.

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Viinturuth Papercraft

DaiShi made an incredible papercraft model of the dragon Viinturuth from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. More pics after the jump. (Via Win!, via Reddit.)

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Dragon Guitar

This dragon guitar is not a bearer of the false metal. The body? A dragon. The headstock? Dragon. Tuning pegs? You get three guesses. (Via Obvious Winner; follow link for additional pictures.)

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Dragonriders of College Station

AggieCon 43 took place this past weekend (March 23-25, 2012). Now, at any convention, there will almost certainly be some things that happen which are in poor taste. But there is no point in talking about any of them, because they absolutely pale in comparison to the outcome of Saturday's "Draw-Off" panel. In said panel, Marty Whitmore (evil illustrator and proprietor of the webcomic Tasty Flesh) squared off against the creative team of Mel Hynes and James L. Grant (writer and artist, respectively, of Two Lumps) to draw the deranged ideas of the audience under extremely tight time constraints.

Gentle reader, if you are of a delicate disposition... if you have any affection for the Dragonriders of Pern and don't want it Ruined Forever, then I entreat you in the sternest possible way to not read beyond the jump. (While the following content is only NSFW in the mildest possible sense, it is poison to the brain.)

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Happy Year of the Dragon

Neil is the one on the left.

Happy Year of the Dragon to all. Neil Gaiman drew you a picture (click thumbnail to the right for a better view, or read about it on his blog).

If you hatch this year, you're a Black Water Dragon -- very auspicious indeed.

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Papercraft Dragon

I don't speak Japanese, but the papercrafters know that dragons are the universal language. (All images from linked site; click to enlarge. More after the jump.)

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Protected: Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain

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Protected: Parsley, Sage, etc.

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Mystery Machine

Seen at Scarby on Sunday, 10 April 2011.

We would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling hatchlings.

If this is yours, contact me by email. I'll be back in town, and I'd very much like to buy you a pint of the local for your efforts.

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Banana Dragon

Look at this dragon carved from a banana.

Just look at it.

From Japanese artist Y Yamaden,via Laughing Squid by way of Fark.

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