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d3aa59c54ad861119104cdd14f27f6a3Moscow-based artist Cuarto has created Darkhorn: a brilliant posable dragon figure with ball joints. See his blog post talking about it (in the original Russian) or the same page machine-translated to English. (The image to the right and all images after the break are from that site.)

As you can imagine, they're not cheap and there's (at the time of this writing) a long waiting list. Nonetheless, there is an English-language order page where you can join the queue.

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This is probably the most horrible thing I've ever done. I'm not proud of it. If you think it's funny, then you're a bad person and you should feel bad about yourself. You're also in what is likely a very small set of people whose tastes span both Irvine Welsh and MLP:FiM.

Read on for full text, merch and source files for doing your own mashup.

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