Within, you'll find a handful of additional TRF pictures. For this post, it's things I saw at fair rather than loot dragged home therefrom. Mostly dragons, of course.


This handsome (albeit extremely colorful) fellow is inside the shop of Imaginarium Galleries, on the wall above the till. For all I know, he's been there for years. (Imaginarium's chief business at TRF involves little shoulder-sitters, which are lovely but not really to my taste. I'd never bothered to go in their booth before.) The sculptor is Albert Alfaro. His son Anthony was minding the shop, and very graciously allowed me to take these pictures.

Most of the time, the dragon-head-on-a-wall thing comes across as a hunting trophy, which I find off-putting in the extreme. The sculpture pictured above struck me as more of a tribute, like a bust of a notable public figure in classical sculpture.

This dragon's not for sale -- I asked -- though perhaps in the fullness of time I'll have to enquire about the possibility of commissioning a similar work.


This gentle-dragon was strolling around the grounds near Sherwood. A patron, I think, not cast (or maybe I just blew my Spot Hidden roll when checking for a badge). He seemed to be a mute dragon, and was having a character moment with a small child, so I didn't try to chat him up. Thus, I have no names or links to share. (If this is you, or you know who it is, please give me a shout in the comment.)

Great outfit, and well-played sir. Well played. (The two scimitars, though? I understand that's been done.)