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Overheard at Sherwood


All I want to do is wear a costume and get drunk in the woods.

-- Unknown Patron, Sherwood Forest Faire, outside Three Stags pub, Saturday 13 February 2016 [personal communication]

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Dragonlords of Werner, Werner & Fulk

dragonlord-liartownDragonlords of Werner, Werner & Fulk. Winner of the 2003 Business Fantasy Award. An intense, gripping tale of swordplay, magic, romance and intermarket sector spread. You won't be able to put this one down, unless it's for the latest issue of CEOWORLD Magazine.

(From Sean Tejaratchi's LiarTownUSA. Click image to right to enlarge.)

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Peptic Salve and Adrenaline

Now You're Drinking with Portals.™

(Idea: Greg Erskine at Metafilter.)

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Plywood: The Silent Killer

I bought a couple of pieces of plywood today. You know the stuff: Useful, made of wood, pretty boring, kinda flat, deadly. Wait, what? Yep. Says so right on it:

Warning: This product may generate wood dust, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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Dragon Populations Holding Steady

Comparing 2008 to 2009, we've seen catastrophic declines in castles, glowy magic and swords. Unicorns have seemingly disappeared, and even formerly sizable populations of elves, wolves and horses are in sharp decline.

Dragons, obviously made from sterner stuff, remain unscathed.

Context? Fantasy novel covers. This news courtesy of Orbit Books (via Making Light). Their handy comparison chart is reproduced to the right, but really: go read the original article. Sample quote: "The number of dragons on covers held steady this year. The dragon population seems to be in perfect balance – but we can’t tell if that’s because new dragons are being born to replace old ones, or if last year’s dragons are just really healthy."

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A Dignity of Dragons

local copy; follow link in article text for original

local copy; follow link in article text for original

Dave Malki at Wondermark presents the Stoakes-Whibley Natural Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns, and in so doing performs a valuable service for a worried public. So many confusing and embarassing errors might have been prevented through the timely use of Mr. Malki's comprehensive and accurate reference.

(Via Making Light.)

ETA: Other dragon-related collective noun suggestions include flight, wing, weyr (from multiple sources), doom, blaze and horde. None of them appeal to the same degree as the definitive Stoakes-Whibley answer.

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