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Media: The Eagle (Bryan / College Station)

Sat down this Saturday afternoon at TRF for a nice plate of bees (right), and had a lovely chat bees+dumplingwith Michelle Casady of The Eagle (Bryan / College Station). We talked about renaissance fairs, and what might possess people to go to them, how many times we've been ("Is there even a number that big?"), and the details of our attire. ("My costume is itching me. Do I have to wear this? I don't wanna wear this.")

Despite her persistent questioning, I kept quiet about the fact that pretty much every other shop has an opium den in the back, not to mention the place being a non-stop orgy after closing. She wrote a nice article for her newspaper, one that may well lure more unsuspecting victims into the louche and depraved life of the regular renaissance fair patron.

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Dragons of TRF 2009

Within, you'll find a handful of additional TRF pictures. For this post, it's things I saw at fair rather than loot dragged home therefrom. Mostly dragons, of course.

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Kaltenberger Ritterturnier 2007

Draco_von_Kaltenberg_July2007 1The Kaltenberger Ritterturnier (knight tournament of Kaltenburg) is something akin to what leftpondians know as a renaissance fair, and is (I am told) the world's largest such event.

I've never been fortunate enough to go, myself, but a German dragonfriend (who prefers to remain anonymous) sent some lovely pictures, and was kind enough to grant me permission to share them here.

More pictures follow, so read on.

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Protected: TRF2009 Opening Weekend Haul

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What's in Your Pouch?

It's renfaire season again. (Pause for cries of "Nerrrrrds!" and "Huzzah!") If your home fair is as mine, they issue instructions to "prepare thyself for merriment!" But the promotional materials I've seen have been a little sparse on the topic of what exactly that preparation entails. Lack of sufficient preparation for merriment is indeed a common and heartbreaking problem.

If you've always wanted to know what an experienced fair-goer might carry in that odd little leather pouch on his belt, the mystery will be revealed after the jump.

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