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Retina Scan

Right-20140625@155858Left-20140625@155918More medical imaging. I present for your consideration the insides of my eyeballs. (Click thumbnails to view original full-size images.) The images shown were taken on Jun 25, 2014 using an Optomap wide-field retina scanner, probably the 200Dx model.

So now I have plausible deniability for anything that I'm alleged to have done on a system using retina scans for biometric authentication...

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Completing the set of digital medical imaging, here's a set of dental X-rays. (Sorry it's one big wide image; that's as it was sent to me.) At least now, if something goes terribly wrong during my forays into Mad Science, the medical examiner can look to my blog for help in figuring out who I was.

The X-ray source for these images was a handheld emitter, which I didn't have a chance to oogle as much as I'd have liked, but which I believe to be not unlike the Aribex Nomad pictured to the right. Technologically cool, and great old-school Buck Rogers styling.

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CAT Scan

More fun and games with medical imaging. I got a lumbar discogram followed by a CAT scan. I was able to get a CD of imaging data from the latter. Gallery of images and some animated 3D visualizations after the cut.

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