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Viinturuth Papercraft

DaiShi made an incredible papercraft model of the dragon Viinturuth from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. More pics after the jump. (Via Win!, via Reddit.)

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Peptic Salve and Adrenaline

Now You're Drinking with Portals.™

(Idea: Greg Erskine at Metafilter.)

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LBP2: Tags and Tag Sensors

Little Big Planet 2 is a video game for the Sony Playstation 3 console. One of its most interesting features is a robust set of tools for users to build and share new levels. This article contains a detailed discussion of the tag and sensor components available within the LBP2 level creator. It will be of interest chiefly to readers who have some experience creating LBP2 levels, and who have at the very least completed the in-game level creation tutorials.

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Practice Random Acts of Disdainfulness

Not this sort of text-based game.

Upstart start-up Choice of Games offers up a fine debut effort with the text-based (but tasty) Choice of the Dragon. Versions are available for the iPhone and Android, or you can play in your Javascript-enabled browser for free. The game owes some of its narrative structure to the old choose-your-own-adventure paperbacks, but adds some CRPG flexibility -- mostly behind the scenes, so you need never worry about the mechanics.

In my opinion, more RPGs should track "disdain" as a stat. I certainly found this one worthy of repeated playthroughs. Via io9 by way of Gizmodo.

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