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Securing Your Network vs. "Wi-Fi Sense"

lockMicrosoft Windows 10 contains a new behavior called "Wi-Fi Sense". If you connect to an 802.11 network encrypted using a pre-shared key, Wi-Fi Sense will offer to distribute that key to your Outlook contacts, Skype contacts and Facebook friends. While it is (nominally) opt-in for newly-added networks, this "sharing" is the default behavior for existing networks when migrating from earlier Windows versions to Windows 10.

As an administrator of an 802.11 network you likely would prefer that this "sharing" not happen with the credentials for your network. After the break, I'll discuss why allowing "Wi-Fi Sense" is such a bad idea, and how you as a network administrator can mitigate the risks it presents.

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We Stayed Dry (This Time)

This is rumor control. Here are the facts: Yes, this site runs WordPress. No, to the best of my ability to determine, we are not compromised by the "SoakSoak" malware that has been infecting lots of WordPress sites. (The link in the previous sentence leads to a description of the malware in question, not an example of it.) No, we don't run the Slider Revolution plugin which apparently contains the exploitable vulnerability ("RevSlider") used by SoakSoak. We have no plans to migrate from WordPress to something else, given that 1) the security issue is in a third-party plugin, not WordPress itself and 2) the WordPress team seem to generally act like adults with respect to infosec.

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Dragonlords of Werner, Werner & Fulk

dragonlord-liartownDragonlords of Werner, Werner & Fulk. Winner of the 2003 Business Fantasy Award. An intense, gripping tale of swordplay, magic, romance and intermarket sector spread. You won't be able to put this one down, unless it's for the latest issue of CEOWORLD Magazine.

(From Sean Tejaratchi's LiarTownUSA. Click image to right to enlarge.)

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They Both Seem Happy

Here's an image from the Baje Nalozki Sagen Brauchtum (Book of Woodcut Artwork), courtesy of the image gallery at the Texas Wendish Museum. (The gallery is an autoplaying slide show, so I regret I cannot link directly to the source image.)

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but I'm sure there's a story behind it.

Caption ideas (even NSFW-ish ones, if they're funny) are welcome in the comments.

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